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Caffeine For Working Out

If you want better workouts and better results, you can and should supplement with caffeine. Benefits of Caffeine For Working Out: ▪ Extra Stamina ▪ Enhanced Alertness ▪ Increased Heart Rate ▪ Improved Blood Flow ▪ Adrenaline Increase ▪ More Oxygenated Muscles ▪ Increased Heart Rate In my opinion, the best benefit that caffeine for working out offers is that it reduces your muscles consumption of glycogen, which comes with it’s own list of benefits. Everything you need to know about glycogen consumption: When your able to reduce your muscles consumption of glycogen, you will notice immediate results – like the burning sensation that comes along with exercises being reduced. Getting rid of that pesky burn allows you to workout harder and longer – resulting in more fat burned and more muscle built. The reason you get that burning sensation in the first place is because your building up lactic acid. When you supplement with caffeine, the amount of glycogen consumed by your muscles is reduced and so is the amount of lactic acid that is built up. The result: Less severe burning sensation during your workouts.

Caffeine Supplementation & Fat Loss:

When caffeine reduces the amount of glycogen in your muscles, your body needs a different source of energy to power your workout. Guess where your body goes when it runs out of glycogen? If you guessed fat stores, you’re right! Your body will actually use fat as fuel for your weight training and cardio sessions because the caffeine is discouraging your body from using glycogen to power your workout, thats awesome!

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