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VGFIT helps you to stay active and train better with fitness motivation and guidance.

& Valeriu Gutu

Shoes IconVGFIT is your best workout partner you will find daily workouts recommendations and fitness plans. No matter your level, no matter your goal. It’s time to go beyond fit and find your more.

Valeriu Gutu

Fitness Development Specialist & Sports Performance. World Champion of Extreme Sport Challenge, Professional Soccer Player, Valeriu is known as one of the most inspiring motivational trainers in the game. His training style incorporates various technique including resistance training, high intensity interval workouts, metabolic body-shredding system.

Valeiu Gutu
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Guidance trough every exercise and move that will help you to achieve your goals. Well balanced workouts created by health and fitness Specialists. Personalized training plans for abs & core, building lean muscle, burning fat. Make a move to create your self, your dream, and improve your health. It's not about perfection it's about effort.



Available on Apple Watch. Track your progress and workouts.


Get Stronger

Workout anywhere, anytime no mater what level you are now.


Get Healthier

Creators specialize in Cardio, High Intensity, Strength, Flexibility, and Yoga.

We believe you create your self

The power of adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your endless source of inspiration, drill tips, nutritional advice and challenges. Track your progress and workouts. Enter and record every exercise and move you do, so you can keep track record and evaluate your fitness life.

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Better training means faster progress. Whatever your goal, make sure you enjoy the journey. Your body is the greatest asset you’ll ever own. Turn your device into your own personal trainer.

VGFIT rhythm perfectly paces you through every repetition, workout and training plan. Stay motivated and feel great.

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Focus on taking control on your future. Getting stronger takes trying new things and pushing new boundaries. Improvement is the best motivation. Find progress every day. Escape comfort zone. Overcome fears and celebrate success.

Get real about your determination and dedication to building physical and mental strength. Find your more. Break barriers. Crush goals.